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CQ Highlights – December 2020

This December, we wrap up CQ's 75th anniversary celebrations and focus our 2020 Technology Special on devices that are absolutely essential to any functioning ham station – antennas. We also look at the integration of microcontroller technology into a growing number of antenna accessories.

We get things started with a tutorial on how to properly tune a Yagi antenna (that's tuning, not matching), followed by a smartphone app and circuit for remotely controlling a screwdriver antenna and a self-calibrating tuning-tracking controller for a magnetic loop antenna. We've got two different approaches to multiband verticals for HF and a simple mod you can make on a 40-meter dipole to make it resonant (without a tuner) on 15 meters as well. Finally in our Tech Special, we have a ferrite sleeve autotransformer, a look at antenna simulation software, the approach of hybrid car radios and "Getting More FUN From Your FUNction Generator."

Plus, we have a CQ review of the Impulse Electronics Max Go Box, which WB6NOA describes as "a battery box with brains." Our "CQ Classic" this month takes us back to our very first issue and W8QMR's look at "HAMS – PAST – PRESENT – FUTURE." Among our columns this month, Kit-Building Editor K0NEB gets us well-grounded as we join him in remodeling his shack; Microcontrollers Editor K8ZT offers a couple of projects and a couple of books (including one co-written by one of this issue's authors); we welcome our new Emergency Communications Editor, Stan Broadway, N8BHL, and say 73 to VHF+ Editor Tony Emanuele, K8ZR. Last but certainly not least, Contesting Editor N3QE shares with us his "periodic table" of major amateur radio contests throughout the coming year which we’ve placed in the center-spread position of the magazine so that you can gently pull it out and refer to it all year long.

Happy holidays from all of us at CQ!

That's a brief look at some highlights of what's coming up in the December issue of CQ magazine. For information on subscribing click here.

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On the Cover: Happy Holidays from all of us at CQ!

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