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<= Back to Dayton New Products RP5000 and RP6000 Analog Repeaters

Icom’s new RP5000/RP6000 analog repeater series covers VHF (RP5000: 144-148 MHz) and UHF (RP6000: 430-450 MHZ) bands. Both versions are rugged, compact and utilize a 2U low profile design in a 19-inch rack for space efficiency.

RP5000 and RP6000 Analog Repeaters

Each analog repeater features superior receive performance and a front firing speaker and mic jack for repeater or local control radio use. The RP5000 and RP6000 employ ±0.5ppm oscillator and power amplifier, which promote solid 100% duty cycle operation at 25W output and 50% duty cycle at full power (50W). Repeaters can be purchased and programmed for amateur radio use from an Authorized Icom dealer.

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