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<= Back to Dayton New Products FlexRadio Systems Announces the FLEX-6300 Signature Series Radio FLEX-6300 is the perfect entry into high performance software defined radio Flex Radio FLEX-6300

Austin TX,  - May  9, 2014: FlexRadio Systems today announced the addition of the FLEX-6300 to its FLEX-6000 Signature Series  line of digital direct sampling transceivers.  With an introductory price of $2499, the FLEX-6300 offers the serious amateur an affordable entry point to multi-dimensional amateur radio operations from CW to the latest digital modes.

The FLEX-6300 is for the amateur who wants to experience the magic of software defined radio in the highest performance 100W transceiver family available today.  Providing dual panadapters and waterfall displays, as well as two full-performance slice receivers, the FLEX-6300 opens up new operating capabilities at an affordable price.  With the included Digital Audio eXchange (DAX™) digital software interface, operators can use digital modes with no added cables, interfaces or sound devices.  And the optional user or factory installed $299 Antenna Tuner Unit (ATU) provides for operation in conditions where antennas may not be resonant.

Each FLEX-6000 Signature Series radio is built on a direct sampling receiver foundation.  By removing analog mixers and components, the FLEX-6000 family provides and ultra-quiet reception experience, ensuring you can see and hear the weak ones.  The companion direct digital up-conversion transmitter creates the purest transmitted signal available, putting the “clear” in “loud and clear.”  All of this is built on a network-ready Ethernet platform ensuring high performance today and compatibility for the future.

The FLEX-6300 is available now with shipments starting May 12, 2014.  For more detailed specifications visit our website at www.flexradio.com

About FlexRadio Systems

FlexRadio Systems is a pioneer in the design and development of software defined radios (SDRs) for the amateur radio market.  Founded in 2003, FlexRadio was the first to introduce an SDR radio to the amateur community allowing for personality, functionality and performance of the radio to be upgraded through simple software downloads.  This revolution by FlexRadio Systems allowed for the evolution of amateur radio as we know it today.FlexRadio Systems is headquartered in Austin, Texas.  For more information, please visit www.flexradio.com or follow FlexRadio Systems on Twitter or Facebook.

FlexRadio Systems is a registered trademark and FLEX-6000 Signature Series, FLEX-6300and SmartSDR are trademarks of FlexRadio Systems.  Stated specifications are subject to change without notice.


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