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<= Back to Dayton New Products Heil Sound Pro K-1000 Headset Mic

Heil Sound introduces the rugged Pro K-1000 Headset, built to meet commercial and military standards while providing excellent Heil audio quality. The mic boom features user-interchangeable Heil elements and rotates 210 degrees left or right. The Pro K-1000 has a huge 2" industrial-grade PTT switch and an industrial XLR connector with strong fiber-reinforced cables available for any transceiver.

Gel-filled ear pads provide 26-dB noise canceling and the headset includes speaker balance level control as well as Heil-exclusive speaker phase reversal.

The Pro K-1000 retails for $282, complete with mic, military-grade cable and PTT switch. Details will be available soon on the Heil Sound website at <www.heilsound.com>.



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