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<= Back to Dayton New Products Heil Sound HMM-D/HMM-iC Hand Mics

Heil Sound HMM-D/HMM-iC Hand MicsA new series of hand mics designed to counter the "clam shell" effect that has plagued the audio quality of hand mics for decades. The Heil HMM series mics include a full-range microphone element as well as a grill on top of the mic that detunes the internal resonance of the housing (which is responsible for the hollow sound associated with hand mics).

The HMM mics use the same cables as Heil's headsets, with a 1/8" connector for the mic and a 1/4" connector for the push-to-talk control. These plug into the AD-1 series adapter cables, which are customized for various radio models.

The HMM retails for $85 US. For more information, visit: <http://www.heilsound.com/amateur/products/microphones/hmm/>.


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