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<= Back to Dayton New Products ZN ULTIMATE Iambic Paddle
— from Vibroplex and N3ZN

Vibroplex and N3ZN Keys present a new top-of-the-line magnetic return ball bearing iambic paddle, the ZN Ultimate.

ZN Ultimate

Produced jointly by Vibroplex and N3ZN, the ZN ULTIMATE uses a combination of oppositional magnet tensioning and a set of 6 miniature ball bearings to give the operator a good range of adjustment of the key and overall a very light touch for sending high speed CW. Cold rolled solid steel base, chromed brass top parts, only $359. The best Vibroplex paddle yet.

For more information, visit <http://www.vibroplex.com/contents/en-us/d8_ZN_ULTIMATE_iambic_paddle.html>.


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