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— BluetoothR Wireless Ham Radio Operation

West Mountain Radio is delighted to announce the newest member of the RIGblaster family, the RIGblaster Blue. Experience digital mode capabilities with a completely integrated Bluetooth® interface that will pair your radio to a Bluetooth® headset, smartphone, tablet or a PC!

RIGblaster Blue - Bluetooth® Wireless Ham Radio Operation

The RIGblaster Blue supports the Bluetooth HFP (hands-free profile), HSP (headset profile) and SPP (serial port profile) for full bidirectional audio and CAT/CI-V control. Convenient front-panel controls permit easy audio adjustment and vox delay. Pairing with a smartphone or tablet is easy with available Android platform apps for PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, HF FAX & NavTEX. If digital modes are not your thing, pair the RIGblaster Blue to a Bluetooth headset for completely hands-free voice operation — both transmit & receive!

For more information we invite you to visit: <www.westmountainradio.com/CQblue>.



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