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QRPworks is pleased to announce Key Log Go, a new QRP accessory for all rigs. Designed to eliminate the need for a laptop or tablet in portable operations, it integrates the popular and powerful K1EL WinKeyer technology, which can send CW to just about every rig. In addition, your paddle becomes your keyboard to log QSOs, capture the call of the station you are working for use in messages and the log, and create and edit 20 messages. It has a sunlight readable transflective display and runs over 20 hours with an internal Alkaline 9 volt battery (an external power jack is included). A mini keyboard is also fully supported for all data entry and keyboard sending of CW and data.

QRPworks Key Log Go

It has additional features for the Elecraft KX3 and K3 for sending and receiving data in digital modes and QSYing. It also integrates with the Yaesu FT-817, FT-857, and FT-897 family of rigs to easily manage frequency and mode.

Its 1000 QSO log can be exported to an ADIF file when you get home. Key Log Go is anticipated to ship in June 2014 and is available at www.QRPworks.com. Click on Support to download the full manual.

Web: <http://www.qrpworks.com>

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