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<= Back to Dayton New Products Emcomm Go-Box for FT-897D

The MFJ-897 is an Emergency Communications (EmComm) box that turns your Yaesu FT-897D into an instant and foolproof portable/mobile emergency communications center.  It covers all HF, VHF and UHF amateur radio frequencies available on the FT-897D transceiver, and is the third in MFJ's series of "Go-Boxes" for portable HF/VHF/UHF transceivers (previous versions match up with ICOM's IC-706 and IC-7000, shown in photo). 

It is literally a complete “grab-and-go” communications center that can provide a full 100 Watts SSB/CW signal simply by plugging into any available vehicle cigarette lighter socket or light-duty 10 to 15 Amp 12 VDC power supply. 

Emcomm Go-Box for FT-897DAn MFJ exclusive PeakPowerBoost™ circuit delivers instantaneous SSB/CW power peaks using several Farads of super capacitance.  A built-in, full range automatic antenna tuner turns any random wire or other antenna into a highly effective HF antenna.  Simple foolproof automatic tuning is done with a single push of a button. 

A 3/8-24 antenna mount gives you the ability to screw on a loaded whip (such as a Hamstick) for long range HF communication or use a high-gain VHF/UHF antenna for local communications.  The FT-897D control heads can easily be removed and placed in a convenient location while the larger MFJ EmComm box can be placed in the trunk, or on the floor or backseat of your vehicle.  MFJ-897 is 83/4Wx41/2Hx131/2D inches.

The FT-897D speaker is fully exposed so speech audio is always loud and clear and your transceiver is well ventilated to prevent overheating so you can provide continuous high-power communications.  When a sudden emergency arises you literally can grab an entire communications center, rush to the site, and be in instant HF/VHF/UHF communication in minutes! 

New!  MFJ-897, $399.95.

Web: <www.mfjenterprises.com>




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