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ICOM AH-760 and AH-740 Antennas, AH-5NV NVIS Kit

Icom's AH-760 and AH-740 automatic high-speed tuning antennas offer solid performance for select Icom HF radios, including the F8101 HF transceiver. The AH-760 is a heavy-duty moving coil antenna that covers 1.6 MHz - 29.999 MHz wide-frequency with a supplied whip antenna. The AH-760 is Mil-Spec, rated IP68 for dust-tight and waterproof protection, and also features 200W PEP SSB, 125W PEP CW/DATA, 350mS high-speed tuning (while memory tuning), The AH-740 is a compact and lightweight relay-driven compact antenna. Features include 150mS typical high-speed tuning (while memory tuning) and low peer consumption (0.4A typical).

AH-760 and AH-740 Page: http://www.icomamerica.com/en/products/landmobile/mobiles/f8101/antennas.aspx

The AH-5NV Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) kit is an option for both antennas. The fiberglass antenna element measures 4.5m; 14.8 ft. and works for short-range communication within approximately 500km (depending on radio propagation conditions)

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