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<= Back to Dayton New Products 6-foot SuperStik™ Stainless Telescopic Whip

6-foot SuperStikTM Stainless Telescopic WhipThis 6-foot SuperStikTM Stainless steel telescopic whip is a great length for building portable antenna projects -- use it as a tuning “stinger” on a larger vertical, a top section for a center-loaded or base-loaded portable QRP antenna, or use two for a “trick-stick” style dipole. Weighs just 1.2 oz. 6 foot fully extended, 14 inches collapsed. 6 sections, 9/32” bottom, 7/64” top. Standard 10-32 stub mount.

New!  MFJ-1963, $9.95.

MFJ-7749, $2.95. 10-32 to 3/8-24 stub adaptor.

Web: <http://www.mfjenterprises.com/>


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