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<= Back to Dayton New Products M2 432XP50 70-centimeter Antenna

M2 432XP50 70-centimeter antennaThe 432XP50 has been specifically designed for EME, Satellite and long haul tropo‐scatter use. The dual polarity flexibility is particularly valuable for EME where the long waits for Faraday polarity rotation are eliminated. Having polarity flexibility for satellite and long haul tropo paths is very useful as well. This flexibility handles polarity shift due to hills, mountains and buildings, not to mention working mobiles and modest stations with verticals. Gain and F/B are excellent. The extremely clean pattern maximizes forward gain and F/B. The pattern is important in order to match the antenna’s noise temperature with modern low‐noise preamps. Using the 432XP50 in and array of two or four antennas is a very small, manageable package that can make moonbounce (EME) contacts even with very modest stations like Dxpeditions!

For detailed information, visit: <http://store.fastcommerce.com/m2incshopcom/432xp50-40288be845c4d5d50145e32685f30957-p.html>


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