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<= Back to Dayton New Products M2 23cm49 23-Centimeter Antenna

The 23CM49 is designed and optimized at 1296 for terrestrial and EME use. Gain in the satellite band (1269‐1270) is only down by about 0.5 dB so it is still a killer! Stacking 2 or 4 at just 35” apart is a very manageable package with eye popping 25 and 28 dB gain!. M2 23cm49 23-Centimeter Antenna 1” diameter rear and center boom sections stiffen the boom so no added support is required . The folded dipole driven element also contains the balun. This eliminates connectors and cable. As always with M2 driven elements, the whole assembly is sealed. When other designs will have succumbed to wind and weather, the 100 MPH‐rated 23CM49 will be as good as new and still performing to 'spec'! The '23CM49' is an outstanding performer for “hill‐topping" or base station applications. Gain is relatively flat across the band so no matter your application, weak signal EME or tropo‐scatter, ATV, FM repeater use, or future OSCAR applications, you will find the 23CM49 to be an outstanding performer. The directivity, gain and the clean pattern will astound you. Phasing cables, power dividers and stacking kits are available for building a super‐gain system.

For detailed information, visit: <http://store.fastcommerce.com/m2incshopcom/23cm49-40288be845c4d5d50145e3292af0095d-p.html>


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