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Alpha Amplifiers 4040 “Dream” Tuner

Alpha Amplifiers 4040 "Dream" Tuner

The Alpha 4040 "Dream" automatic antenna tuner was demonstrated at Dayton and should be available soon, with a pre-release target price of $2995 US.

The 4040 will be able to handle up to 4000 watts continuous power on frequencies between 1.8 and 30 MHz, making it useful for many commercial as well as amateur applications.

Featuring a full-color graphical interface, the display will be able to actually show the complex impedance of the load you're trying to tune on an easy to read Smith Chart. You'll be able to instantly see if the antenna impedance has changed since installation, and you can easily see if your antenna is capacitive or inductively reactive over a wide frequency range.

Also included is a Linux-based computer to control everything from command and control of the tuner, to displaying the results of algorithmic computations on signals passing through the Alpha 4040. 

Pre-orders are being accepted via the Internet. For more information, visit: <http://www.rfconcepts.com/PRODUCTS/New-Products/Alpha4040>.


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