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Save a few bucks on popular MFJ Analyzers!

MFJ-249CSave a few bucks!  MFJ-249C is similar to the MFJ-259C, but less analog meters. MFJ-249C reads SWR, true impedance magnitude and frequency only on LCD module. Has Ni-cd/Ni-mh charging circuit, can use MFJ-259C accessories.

New!  MFJ-249C, $279.95.

Web: <www.mfjenterprises.com>


MFJ Starter SWR Analyzer™MFJ Starter SWR AnalyzerTM lets you read SWR from 530 KHz to 230 MHz quickly only on a single analog meter. Tune knob, frequency control switch.  MFJ-209C has no LCD module, counter or charging circuit. Use 10 AA cells or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $15.95.  Compact, handheld size is just  4x21/2x63/4 inches.

New!  MFJ-209C, $199.95.



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