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Yaesu Digital Controller Replacement by Hy-Gain

Yaesu Digital Controller Replacement by Hy-GainYRC-1 Digital Controller costs less and offers more features than your factory original.  It has all the features of Hy-Gain’s popular DCU-2, including a USB port for remote control, Graphic LCD screen with large numbers/letters, user-programmable callsign, and a 9/16” antenna direction display.

Other displays include dial-in GO TO beam heading, rotor heading, error messages, compass and more. Built-in AC/DC power supplies for AC or DC rotor motor. Compatible with Yaesu G-800/1000/2800 or G450/650.  61/4Wx4Hx7D”.  Use 110 VAC. Order YRC-1X, 220 VAC.

New!  YRC-1, $329.95.

Web: <http://www.hy-gain.com>

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