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<= Back to Dayton New Products Vibroplex Insta EQ To allow the connection of a standard multimedia headset to an amateur radio transceiver and have programmable frequency response to emulate various commercial microphone types plus the capability of custom settings. The Insta EQ will allow your computer headset to have the same response curve as many popular mic elements like the "4", "5", "104", "444" etc.
Vibroplex Insta EQ
Presets EQs are available at the touch of a button, or the user can program and load their own custom EQ curve via graphic user interface software. Insta EQ is equipped with a USB port for direct connection to the computer. Technical details:
  • 28-/56-bit, 50 MIPS digital audio processor

  • 2 ADCs: SNR of 100 dB, THD + N of −83 dB

  • 4 DACs: SNR of 104 dB, THD + N of −90 dB

  • Programmable interface for custom software control and internal firmware updates via USB

  • Sampling rates of up to 192 kHz are supported

  • All settings are saved on internal memory

  • 12V supply
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