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<= Back to Dayton New Products Sierra Radio Systems Announces New Station Controller Partnership with Pignology delivers complete remote station control.
Station Controller
Station Controller
When operating a remotely controlled ham radio station, it is necessary to monitor and control the environment around radio equipment to ensure proper and safe operation. Sierra Radio Systems announces the release of the new Sierra Radio Systems Station Controller. The station controller remotely monitors and controls key station functions. The Station Controller can monitor power supply voltage, current, transmitter RF power, temperature, DC voltages, and switch closures. The Station Controller can remotely turn power on and off, and provides additional dry contact relay switching. The system can be paired with the Pignology PigRemote remote station control system. The Pig Remote provides remote radio control and streaming audio. The combination of the PigRemote and SRS Station Controller provides all key remote station control features. The Station Controller can also be used to remotely monitor and control repeater installations, remote computer rebooting and remote solar and battery operated equipment monitoring and control. The Station Controller product family also includes remotely operated RF coax relays and general purpose IO expanders. The new Station Controller is available immediately and prices start at $249 for complete assembled units. To place an order or get more information, go to www.sierraradio.net
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