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<= Back to Dayton New Products Sierra Radio Systems Announces New HamStack Development Board Development board speeds project development with PIC microcontrollers HamStack Development BoardSierra Radio Systems announces the release of the new Sierra Radio Systems DEV-1 HamStack Development board. The development board is used to develop projects based on the Microchip PIC 18F series of microcontrollers. The board is intended for newcomers to microcontroller development and experienced designers and software developers alike. The board includes a PIC 18F4620 CPU chip, and many peripheral devices including a backlit LCD display, buttons, LEDs, analog voltage inputs, rotary encoder, RS232, OneWire connector, relay, PS2 computer keyboard and audio tone generation filter and built-in speaker. Programs can be written in the C or Basic language. Free, professional quality compilers, are available for download along with documentation and project examples. The Getting Started guide provides detailed, step by step instructions for learning about microcontroller hardware and software and guides you through simple examples. The development board can be used as the final project board or projects can be prototyped with the development board and moved to an embedded PIC processor in your final project. The board features a HamStack board socket allowing optional boards to be plugged on top of the development board. Options include Arduino Shield board adapters, prototype boards, relay boards, and various IO, communications and sensor boards. The new Development Board is available as a kit and requires common hand tools to assemble and a PICKit2 compatible programmer. Packages start at $119.95 for the Development Board kit and a special bundle of including the Development Board and programmer for $139.95. For more information to go www.sierraradio.net or www.hamstack.com.
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