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<= Back to Dayton New Products Sierra Radio Systems Announces the New BeagleBox Embedded Linux DIY System Motherboard, chassis box and other accessories designed for the BeagleBone CPU boards.
Sierra Radio Systems announces the release of the new Sierra Radio BeagleBox family of BeagleBone compatible accessories. The heart of the BeagleBox is a motherboard designed to host the BeagleBone CPU board from CircuitCo. The motherboard provides a switching power supply capable of accepting 7-20 VDC input, UART connections, Xbee data radio sockets, an optional audio CODEC board and optional HamStack / Arduino compatible expansion socket. The board supports the original BeagleBone "white" CPU boards and the new BeagleBone Black boards. The basic BeagleBox package includes the motherboard and a custom case. The case includes cutouts and silkscreen for all connectors on the back panel and one connector on the front panel. The mother board is designed to make physical computing projects easier to deploy using the BeagleBone. Just plug in the CPU board and you can start working on your project. The motherboard includes 15 GPIO pins available at header sockets to access digital IO and built-in A/D converter inputs. The HamStack socket allows you to easily prototype custom hardware on a daughter board and plug that board into the motherboard. Arduino sheild boards can be adapted to plug into the HamStack boards which opens up many options for expansion. All the HamStack socket pins are brought out to solder pads to allow custom interfacing to the BeagleBone GPIO header connector. The four UARTS are brought out to connectors for easy access. UART 1 and UART 2 go to DB9 connectors. UART 4 goes to an Xbee data radio module heder socket and a RS485 serial connection compatible with the Sierra Radio Device Control Network (DCN) accessories such as the Sierra Radio Station Controller. UART 5 is wired to a second Xbee data radio module header socket. An optional audio CODEC board adds analog audio input and output. Audio is wired to a pair of 3.5mm audio jacks and an accessory DB9 connector pre-wired to connect to a Sierra Radio Systems repeater controller. The new BeagleBox motherboard and chassis box are available immediately and are fully assembled. Packages start at $149.95. For more information go to www.beaglebox.net or www.sierraradio.net
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