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<= Back to Dayton New Products Introducing the Patent Pending Universal Antenna Hub ALPHA~NODE™ Universal Antenna Hub ALPHA~NODE™The ALPHA~NODE™ antenna hub has been designed to provide the maximum flexibility and ease of assembly when configuring a radio antenna. With just one hub you can assemble various antenna configurations. Easily configure HF, VHF and UHF Ground Plane, J-Pole or Multi Band vertical antennas. Mount the active element by simply attaching a ready-made NMO antenna or custom antenna component to readily available adaptors. These include NMO to 3/8-24 antennas, fiberglass whips or telescoping antennas including UHF and BNC mounts. The selections for the radial system can be a 3/8-24 threaded whip or adaptor with custom cut radials. The ALPHA~NODE™ antenna hub slides over a standard 1.25” to 1.5” OD mast, fastening to the mast by internal setscrews. The arrangement of the mast and connector allows for the coax to be inside the mast to aid in decoupling the coax from the RF field or minimizing contribution to the distortion of the radiated pattern. The ALPHA~NODE™ antenna hubs are manufactured in the U.S.A. from 6061 corrosion resistant aluminum. Each ALPHA~NODE™ antenna hub can be supplied with your choice of 5/8-24 threaded hole (no adaptor),  an NMO to UHF connector, an NMO to N connector or a UHF to UHF connector  and comes complete with set screws and Allen key for tightening to a mast. Typical Configurations
· Numerous active antenna element assignments, i.e., 5/8-24, NMO, 3/8-24, SO-239 or BNC mounts.
· Multiple radial configurations using 3/8-24 adaptors 0.100”, 0.125” & 0.200” whips or fiberglass antennas.
· Ease of assembly using commercially made antennas.
· Easy setup for emergency operations.
· Easy setup for field day operations.
· Use with mobile and hand held antennas.

Typical Uses
Amateur Radio
Emergency Stations & Go-Kits
Scanner listening             
Shortwave Listening
Commercial Radio
Marine Base Stations
Aircraft Base Stations
Police & Fire Base Stations
Antenna Experimenters
Remote Stations
DX Expeditions
LEO & WX Satellites

ALPHA~NODE HUB, PO Box 398, Bolton Landing, NY 12814
E-Mail: info@www.alphanodehub.com www.AlphaNodeHub.com/products
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