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Control your rig from anywhere using your cell phone!
RBC-212, $499.95.
Pages 82-83 of MFJ new 2013 ham catalog
RBC-212 is a remote base controller equipped with two link input ports. One radio control port and two multifunction ports each on the AUX and RS-232 ports.
MFJ Remote Shack
The TELCO link port allows connectivity from VOIP services such as Vonage, MagicJack, AT&T or just a standard telephone line. Audio in/out link port allows connection to an audio source such as Skype, or an FM radio link. Both links can be connected simultaneously for redundancy. With the optional plug and play cable kit, installation is accomplished in minutes with only microphone gain to adjust. Simply connect the radios’ serial and accessory ports to the RBC. Then connect a telephone line to the RBC. Call the telephone number connected to the RBC with your cell phone. The RBC will auto-answer and connect you to your radio. It’s that easy! When RBC answers, you will be greeted with a high quality female voice. “Enter your pass code”. After you enter your 4-digit DTMF pass code, you will be informed of the remote base status . . . “Welcome. Remote Base Ready! 14.1875 USB”. At this point you will be in receive mode and monitoring the frequency. You can directly change the frequency at any time or scan the bands using different scan speeds.
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