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<= Back to Dayton New Products MFJ SSB Adventure Radios are now available for 12, 15, and 17 Meters MFJ-9412, MFJ-9415, MFJ-9417, $259.95-$279.95.
Page 49 of MFJ new 2013 ham catalog
MFJ Deluxe Wood Base Telegraph KeyTurn on your new MFJ SSB transceiver and you’ll marvel at how well it performs. Weak stations roll in with surprising clarity, faithfully reproduced by a single conversion receiver. On transmit, MFJ’s exclusive ConstantCurrent™ speech processor cuts thru noise and QRM like a far more complex radio. Take this performance along on your next vacation or business trip -- MFJ rig microphone, power supply, and antenna easily fits into your brief case or carry-on bag. Simple operation: No microprocessor mumbo-jumbo -- on the air in minutes! Great sensitivity: Features a quiet double balanced mixer front-end, single conversion clarity and plenty of gain. If a signal is there, you’ll get it loud & clear! Analog S-Meter: A real calibrated S-meter -- not a useless bargraph -- that makes adjusting an antenna tuner or finding the best beam heading clear-cut. Excellent Selectivity: 8 poles of tight IF filtering cuts adjacent chatter and focuses transmitter power where needed. Smooth VFO: No annoying synthesizer jump or obscure keypad commands to deal with. Effort-less tuning, custom reduction-drive ball-bearing capacitor. Powerful audio: Big audio -- even in noisy locations from a special Signetics audio chip and rugged 3 inch speaker, boasts one Watt audio output at 10% THD. Low Current Requirements: You’ll never have to lug around a heavy power supply to run this radio. Rugged Transmitter: Bullet-proof output transistor runs cool, easily tolerates 3:1 VSWR and feedline shorts or opens. Built to last: Conservative design, plate-through PC board, quality components, handsome brushed-aluminum panel and a tough metal case ensure years of service.
New! MFJ-9412 covers 24.890-24.990 MHz MFJ-9420 covers 14.150-14.350 MHz.
New! MFJ-9415 covers 21.200-21.400 MHz. MFJ-9440 covers 7.150-7.300 MHz.
New! MFJ-9417 covers 18.08-18.17 MHz. MFJ-9475 covers 3.750-4.000 MHz.
Draws 50-100 mA on receive and 1.2 amps peak on transmit at 13.8 VDC. 6.5Wx2.5Hx6D inches.
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