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<= Back to Dayton New Products MFJ HF SWR Analyzer with LCD, 1-60 MHz MFJ-213, $199.95.
Page 16 in New MFJ 2013 Ham Catalog
MFJ HF SWR Analyzer with LCD, 1-60 MHzMFJ-213 covers 1-60 MHz with digital precision. It also displays SWR, complex impedance, and impedance magnitude simultaneously -- all on the same easy-to-read LCD screen. Use it to measure capacitance, inductance, field strength, frequency, plus generate test signals. You can also fine tune stubs, analyze coax, test baluns and RF transformers, and perform many other important RF-related tasks around the shack or on the road! MFJ-213 has all of the features of the popular MFJ-266C but only covers 1-60 MHz.
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