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<= Back to Dayton New Products MFJ Global World Time Atomic Wristwatch MFJ-188BRC, $39.95.
Page 55 of MFJ new 2013 ham catalog
MFJ Global World Time Atomic WristwatchMFJ-188BRC is the full-featured atomic wristwatch you have been waiting for! MFJ gives you a dual time ring for 24 and 12 hour formats plus it features US and world time zone settings. Take it with you wherever you go throughout the world! A highly sensitive radio receiver receives signals from Germany, continental USA, UK and Japan (60 KHz only) according to chosen time zone. You can also set the time zone to UTC so you can stay on top of the universal time no matter where you are. You can also individually set your wristwatch to any major city in the world. If you are traveling in Russia for instance, you set the time zone to the Moscow time zone and it will search for the signal and keep you on time. When it Japan, set the Tokyo time zone and so on. MFJ-188BRC also has a super bright night light at the 12 O’clock position so you can see it in the dark. It has a very handsome black leather band. It also has a reception success or failure indication. Now you will know when your wristwatch is keeping you on time or not and not show up to a meeting an hour late.
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