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<= Back to Dayton New Products MFJ Flex-It™ Dual Band HT Antenna MFJ-1717SZ, $21.95.
Page 58 of MFJ new 2013 ham catalog
MFJ Flex-ItTM Dual Band HT AntennaMFJ-1717SZ is similar to the very popular MFJ-1717 but is “bendable”. Bend it into any shape, tie it into a knot or roll it up and put it in your shirt pocket. MFJ Flex-It™ is perfect for those concerned about a stiff antenna in the side of their gut. Shape and re-shape for whatever reason and it keeps popping back to form when you are ready to operate. It’s only 15.75 inches, and is a halfwave on 440 MHz that gives you a hearty 2.15 dBi gain. On 2 Meters you get an efficient full-size ¼ wave for full-size performance. Precisely tuned at the factory for low SWR. Has SMA connector. MFJ-1717SFZ, $21.95.
Order MFJ-1717SFZ with an SMA male connector for the Wouxun and Baofeng popular handhelds.
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