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2015-16 CQ Calendar

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DX World Guide DX World Guide

CQ August 2011 - Contest Calendar
All year CQ DX Marathon
July 30-31 RSGB IOTA Contest
Aug. 6 European HF Championship
Aug. 7 SARL HF Phone Contest
Aug. 6-7 North American CW QSO Party
Aug. 6-7 ARRL UHF Contest
Aug. 13-14 Worked All Europe CW Contest
Aug. 13-14 Maryland-DC QSO Party
Aug. 20-21 SARTG RTTY Contest
Aug. 20-21 North American SSB QSO Party
Aug. 20-22 New Jersey QSO Party
Aug. 27-28 YO DX Contest
Aug. 27-28 SCC RTTY Championship
Aug. 28 SARL HF CWContest
Sept. 3-4 All Asian SSB Contest
Sept. 10-11 Worked All Europe SSB Contest
Sept. 10-11 ARRL September VHF QSO Party
Sept. 25-26 CQ WW RTTY DX Contest
Basic information on many of these events may be found in WorldRadio Online’s Contest Corner at <www.worldradiomagazine.com>. For complete information on any of these contests, see their respective sponsors’ web pages.
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