Announcements: December 2009

The following special event stations are scheduled for December:

W2W, from Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, Baltimore, Maryland; ARC of the National Electronics Museum; 14002 200Z December 5 and 6 on 7.187, 14.241, 7.041, 14.041 MHz. For certificate send QSL and 912 SASE (for QSL only, send business-size SASE) to ARCNEM, Box 1693 MS 4015, Baltimore, MD 21203. <>

WX3MAS, from the annual Christmas greetings from the Twin Christmas Cities; Nazareth-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Christmas City and Delaware-Lehigh ARCs; 14000200Z December 12 and 13 on 28.465, 21.365, 14.265, 7.270, 3.970 MHz. Certificate upon request. QSL to: CCARC/ DLARC WX3MAS, Greystone Building Gracedale Complex, RR8, Nazareth, PA 18064. <>

KC5OUR, from celebration of Christmas from Bethlehem, Belen (Bethlehem), New Mexico; Valencia County ARA; 14002300Z December 19 on 7.273, 14.273, 21.373, 28.373 MHz. For QSL send SASE to: VCARA, P.O. Box 268, Peralta, NM 87042.


The following hamfests, etc., are scheduled for December:

Dec. 5, Superstition Hamfest, Mesa Community College southwest parking lot, Mesa, Arizona. Contact Brian Romine, KC5CAY, or <hamfest>. (Talk-in 147.12 [162.2 Hz], 449.60 [100 Hz] in northeast Mesa, and 449.20 [100 Hz] in Phoenix; eaxms registration 8 AM, testing 9 AM)

Dec. 56, Tampa Bay Hamfest & ARRL State Convention, Manatee Civic Center, Palmetto, Florida. For details go to: <>.



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