On The Cover: December 2007

Bruce Anderson, KG8YT,
and his wife, Pat of Marquette, Michigan

On the Cover

Bruce Anderson, KG8YT, of Marquette, Michigan, checks the ladder line feeding his 102-inch center-fed dipole, which he uses on all HF bands from 80-10 meters. Simplicity is key at Bruce’s station. His main radio is a Wilderness Radio Sierra QRP rig. Since getting the low-power bug about 10 years ago, Bruce says, he has nearly completed Worked All States and counts among his more significant accomplishments working 35 states with 350 milliwatts and working Japan with one watt on 10 meters.

Bruce says his interest in QRP was ignited by a competition. “When Norcal brought out its ‘38 Special’ kit,” he explains, “two friends and I bought and built them, and had a contest to see who could work all states first.” That competition is still going on, but all three are approaching their goal. Bruce says he’s just barely in first place so far with 48 states worked, while his friends have 47 and 46, respectively. “We had lots of fun, learned something about rig construction and also learned we enjoy operating QRP,” he noted, adding that “we also learned a fair amount about troubleshooting.”

Most of Bruce's operating is on CW, which he says he learned to love after he and his son got their Novice licenses together back in 1979. “At first, CW was a barrier to be overcome,” he recalls, “but we both soon discovered that we like CW for CW's sake.” Bruce notes that his son is no longer active on the ham bands, but his wife, Pat, got her license about three years ago and now holds Extra Class callsign AB8RE.

(Cover photo by Larry Mulvehill, WB2ZPI; inset photo courtesy Department of Defense)

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