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Announcing: The 2013 CQ WW Foxhunting Weekend
May 11–12
CQ magazine has designated May 11–12, 2013 as the CQ World-Wide Foxhunting Weekend and is encouraging all hams and radio clubs to hold hidden transmitter hunts. Since the primary objective is more hunt participation, we don’t insist that your event be held on that weekend. Any time in the spring is fine with us. CQ doesn’t impose any rules or offer any awards for the World-Wide Foxhunting Weekend. It’s all up to you and the hams in your hometown. For many clubs, Foxhunting Weekend kicks off a season of regular transmitter hunts. For others, it’s a special once-a-year event, like Field Day. Some hams prefer formal transmitter hunts with carefully crafted boundaries, specifications for signal parameters, time limits, and so forth. Others are content just having at least one signal to hunt. No need for any more regulations, they say. Make your Foxhunting Weekend activities into a magnet for every club member. Better yet, include the whole community, especially young people. Invite a Scout troop to experience on-foot transmitter tracking or to ride along with the mobile hunters. Look for opportunities to incorporate foxhunting into Scout activities such as Camporees, Scout-O-Ramas, and Jamboree-On-The-Air. Seek out other youth groups that might be interested, as well. Whatever your club’s RDF contesting style, be sure to keep safety in mind. Don’t put transmitters where someone might be injured getting to them. Make sure that all transmitting and receiving antennas are eye-safe. Always be mindful of your own physical limitations and never take chances behind the wheel. Afterwards, write up the results and send them to Foxhunting Weekend Moderator Joe Moell, KØOV (contact information at the end of this writeup). The list of information in a complete CQ Foxhunting Weekend report is posted at www.homingin.com. Besides the details of date, location, hiders, and winners, CQ’s readers also want to know what was unique about your hunt and what lessons (positive and negative) you learned from it. Don’t forget to include some sharp action photos. The higher the resolution, the better. Contact information: Joe Moell, KOØV, P.O. Box 2508, Fullerton, CA 92837; e-mail: homingin@aol.com; www.homingin.com
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