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Reflections III

DX World Guide DX World Guide

Worked All Zones Award Rules

Section 4. WAZ Award Types
WAZ By Mode
Mode QSL's on or After Field Checking Notes
AM 14 November 1945 Yes  
SSB 14 November 1945 Yes  
CW 14 November 1945 Yes Revised QSL Date
RTTY 14 November 1945 Yes  
SSTV 1 January 1973 Yes  
Digital 1 January 2000 Yes See Note 2
Satellite 1 January 1989 No See Note 4
EME 1 January 1973 No See Note 4
WAZ By Band
Band Mode QSL's on or After Field Checking Notes
160 Meters Mixed Only 1 January 1975 No See Note 3 & 4
80, 40, 20, 15, 10 Any Single Mode 1 January 1973 Yes No Mixed Mode
30 Any Single Mode 1 January 1991 Yes No Mixed Mode
17 Any Single Mode 1 January 1991 Yes No Mixed Mode
12 Any Single Mode 1 January 1991 Yes No Mixed Mode
6 Mixed Mode 1 January 1973 No See Note 4

Note 1: The process of endorsing a CW/Phone WAZ Award has been discontinued. The old CW/Phone WAZ Award has been renamed MIXED Mode WAZ. The existing CW/Phone WAZ award numbering sequence has been discontinued in support of this change.

Note 2: This WAZ award is designed to encourage activity and experimentation using any of the digital modes available to amateurs. The list includes, but is not limited to, PSK-31, AMTOR, PACTOR, and Spread Spectrum. QSL cards must indicate the specific mode used for the QSO. RTTY does not count for this award, as it has its own award. This award will not be endorsed for any specific digital mode. You may elect to use a single digital mode or different digital modes in working toward this WAZ award.

Note 3: The 160 Meter WAZ Award requires that the applicant submit QSL cards from at least 30 zones. Endorsement stickers are issued at the 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40 zone levels.

Note 4: The Satellite and 6 Meter WAZ Award requires that the applicant submit QSL cards from at least 25 zones. Endorsement stickers are issued at the 30, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40 zone levels. The Satellite and EME Awards are not band specific, you may apply QSO's from multiple bands.

Applications and Cards for this award must be submitted to the WAZ Award Manager

Special Endorsements

All CQDX Awards, USA/CA and WAZ Awards (except 5BWAZ and 160 WAZ) may be endorsed for unique situations, as provided for in the rules for each specific award, such as all QRP or all mobile provided the application includes an additional signed statement from the applicant that so states it was done via QRP or /M.

There is no special numbering system for these awards and they must still meet all the other requirements for CQ Awards.

5 Band WAZ

Applicants who succeed in presenting proof of contact with the 40 zones of the world on the 80. 40, 20, 15. and 10 meter bands (for a total of 200) receive a special certificate in recognition of this achievement.

NOTE: A prerequisite for 5 Band WAZ is that the applicant must already be a holder of any 40-zone WAZ. THE NUMBER, DATE, AWARD TYPE MUST BE INDICATED ON THE 5BWAZ APPLICATION

The first plateau is a total of 150 zones across any combination of the 5 bands listed above. A certificate will be issued with a unique award number, indicating the initial number of zones confirmed.

After reaching the150 zone plateau, each 10 zones requires the submission of QSL cards and the application fee.

Upon reaching 200 zones confirmed, the applicant will be issued a 200 zones endorsement sticker to affix to their 5BWAZ certificate that was previously issued. No other endorsement stickers are issued.

Upon reaching the 200 zones level, the applicant may wish to purchase an engraved plaque to acknowledge the achievement.

MODES: Mixed Mode ONLY. The 5 Band WAZ Award is not available for any single mode.

QSLs accepted: Contacts must have been made after 0000Z January 1, 1979.



Applicants wishing to submit more than 170 cards may do as follows:

Submit 170 cards to a checkpoint. Once these cards are approved and the application is signed by the Checkpoint, another application can be prepared for the additional cards (as an endorsement). The original application (signed by the checkpoint) must be submitted along with the endorsement application and cards to the WAZ Award Manager.


Application forms: CQ form 1479 or a facsimile shall be used. A separate application form is required for each band.

NOTE: For Multi-band QSL's please include a summary sheet indicating the callsign and bands for each particular card. This will aid in checking of QSL cards.

Applying For The WAZ Award

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